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Belvedere Castle is Back

castle by the lake

All of our Lenox Hill apartments residents should know a little something about Belvedere Castle in Central Park, like the fact that the legendary local landmark is tied to the creation of Central Park itself, and the fact that it was to be a sort of respite for denizens of Manhattan. You might also know about how it devolved into a graffiti-laden mess as time went on, and that recently, the city undertook an extensive renovation project to get the castle back in fighting shape. Now that the castle has reopened, let’s take a look at what the city did to fix it, shall we?

Belvedere Castle Reborn

The restoration effort as Architectural Digest pointed out back in June, is on with easy-to-comprehend goals:

“The 15-month, $12 million effort is both a restoration of the castle-like structure to its original splendor and a modernization effort aimed at preserving and enhancing the Belvedere for generations to come.”

As we mentioned at the outset, years of neglect had turned Belvedere Castle into a less-than-stellar place within the park to visit. While one of the first restoration projects, completed in the 1980s by the (then newly-formed) Central Park Conservancy got rid of that graffiti, rebuilt the pavilions, and helped get the visitor center and gift shop back up and running, there are other issues that have cropped up within the last 35 or so years, and the most recent renovations have set to improve the structure as a whole by way of:

  • Installing new, clear pane windows designed to follow the “original open-air plan” of the castle and eliminate obstructions which block the view of guests from the inside and out.
  • Installing zero-emissions heating and cooling systems designed to use geothermal power.
  • Installing improved waterproofing and drainage systems as well as overhauling the mechanical and utility systems.

All of these items should make the castle both more aesthetically pleasing (more greatly resembling its original form) and more functional for the future, as the upgrades should make the building more energy efficient.

This modernization of the castle and grounds should be all the reason you need to get out there to explore, and since the restoration was completed this year (and the castle reopened on June 28th) there’s nothing stopping you from setting aside some time in your schedule to visit and explore the newly reborn Belvedere Castle. Be sure to take your camera!

Yet Another City Destination to Head to From the Lenox Hill Apartments

If you were looking for city hotspots to add to your urban exploration hitlist, the revitalized Belvedere Castle will make for a good choice. Getting over to Central Park from communities like Renoir House is no hassle, so feel free to head over and adventure! If you aren’t already calling this Upper East Side neighborhood home, though, then what are you waiting for? Learn more about what Renoir House has to offer you, and how you can make one of these residences your new home among the wonders of Manhattan.