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Creating a Dog-Friendly Apartment

Even spacious and luxury apartments can feel cramped to our four-legged friends, and if you live in NYC, it can be hard to find the right space for you and your companion. Since we all know that happiness starts at home, we put together a few tips for keeping your dog happy in the Upper East Side.

Dog-Proof Your Home

What does it mean to dog-proof your apartment? It’s pretty similar to kid-proofing, and you even use some of the same tools to get the job done! To start, install child-proof latches to cabinets to protect your dog from cleaning supplies, medications, and other harmful household goods. Next consider breakables and prized possessions. Move anything that could be knocked down by a wagging tail far out of reach. And if you have a younger dog, be sure to give your dog plenty of exercise, and don’t forget to stash your valuables to ensure they don’t fall victim to chewing.

Define Areas for Your Pet

If you’re in the process of looking for an apartment in the Upper East Side, prioritize open floor plans with a thoughtful and open layout, as this will make it easier to make spaces that your pet feels they belong. After moving in, take the time to create clearly defined spaces, or pet zones, for your dog. Place the water and food bowl in an area that’s easy to clean. Place a dog bed in a quiet space to promote rest and relaxation. And whatever you do, keep the dog toys away from areas that you tend to work, as this helps your dog understand that you are not asking to play when you sit down at your desk.

Develop a Routine & Find Help

Dogs crave routine. You can work this into their day with regular meal times, reliable potty breaks, and intervals of play that help break up the day. Some Upper East Side apartments, like Renoir House, offer dog-friendly concierge services. They can help you find a walker or groomer and can even check on your dog when you’re away.

Following these simple times will make living in New York City a dream for you and your dog. Designated spaces and reliable routines means your dog will feel stimulated, loved, and enriched—a happy outcome for all involved!