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Easy Thanksgiving Menu List

holiday calendar with recipe notes and recipe book in front

Thanksgiving day fast approaches, and you may well be planning a nice little get together in your Manhattan studio for rent. Now, while this is a prime opportunity for some holiday cheer, there’s the rather unfortunate reality that Thanksgiving can also bring about a significant amount of stress, seeing as you’ll have to cook for everyone in attendance:

“Whether you’re cooking your first Thanksgiving dinner or have been the go-to host for years, it can be stressful to be at the culinary helm. Some family members may have dietary restrictions like veganism. Others might tell you they’re looking forward to a meal exactly Grandma used to make, which makes you feel pressured.”

It doesn’t have to be a stress-filled exercise, however. You can streamline your Thanksgiving cooking duties by preparing a menu in advance that will address all those potential concerns and keep your culinary anxiety to a minimum. If you need help planning, we’ve got you covered. Just read on, as we provide a sample guide for creating a bang-up Thanksgiving menu and a few tips for composing your own.

Planning Your Thanksgiving Menu

As we mentioned above, part of the stress from planning a Thanksgiving meal comes from trying to accommodate the diverse tastes of your guests, but it also goes beyond that. You’ll have to take your skill at cooking into consideration (so that you know how much time you’ll need to prepare and choose dishes accordingly), and you’ll also need to balance your guests’ dietary restrictions along with your own desires for either a traditional or contemporary menu selection.

It’s a lot to take into account, so one easy way is to select a pre-planned menu, crafted by the pros. Food Network, for instance, has several collections of recipes catered to different tastes and needs (and some composed by famous chefs as well) like their Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Menu, Classic Thanksgiving Menu, and Bobby Flay-inspired Thanksgiving Menu. You can take a look at these directly from their Thanksgiving Menus list.

If you’re looking for something even more tailor-made for you, though, you might also try checking out the New York Times’ Thanksgiving Menu Planner. Using this tool, you can input several variables about your expected dinner, and the Menu Planner will provide you with a list of options that will fit your specifications. It’s an easy way to get a customized meal that will fit your guests, and really takes the hassle out of Thanksgiving planning.

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