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Exploring Seaport District

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Living in the Upper East Side apartments for rent, you probably already know that the island of Manhattan is filled with fun neighborhoods to explore and pockets of excitement that await around nearly every corner. Among these jewels of NYC, the legendary Seaport District in Lower Manhattan is ripe and waiting for you to take a peek at its current developments. Now a bastion of culture and commerce, this section of the city has long been a locus of activity:

“The Seaport District is New York’s original commercial hub, located on the East River in Lower Manhattan with unparalleled views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the city skyline. For nearly four centuries, the Seaport District has been at the cutting-edge of commerce, a vibrant commercial and residential neighborhood that pays homage to the past while looking towards the future.”

Ready to start exploring? Today, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know before heading down there, from Seaport District’s history to the current stores and restaurants you’ll want to keep an eye out for while you’re walking the streets.

What’s the Deal With Seaport District?

According to the official history on Seaport District, it was first established back in the 17th Century. As the name suggests, it was a vital area for ship traffic, and the steady influx of vessels from afar helped boost the New York economy and energize the town into a true commercial powerhouse. You can still see some of the old school ships docked at Seaport District today, but it’s a giant evolution from what it once was. During the 20th Century, this area began to evolve more rapidly with the times, keeping some of its historic character while simultaneously adapting to modern elements. Now, what you’ll find at Seaport District is an urban wonder, well-respected for top quality retail, dining, cultural attractions, combined with some of the best views of NYC and the Brooklyn Bridge you’ll find in the whole of Manhattan.

What’s Hot at Seaport District Today?

So, we mentioned there’s plenty to experience at Seaport District, and you’re probably wondering what’s included in that list. You can take a look at Seaport District’s official site, but let’s take a quick peek at some of the most popular entries, shall we? If shopping, dining, art, or any of the above are your pleasure, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to 10 Corso Cosmo:

“Founded in 1991 in Milan by editor and publisher Carla Sozzani, 10 Corso Como pioneered a new retail model – the union of culture and commerce. With its blend of fashion, food, art, music, design and lifestyle, 10 Corso Como created a new retail vocabulary with a diverse consumer experience at the core of its philosophy.”

That’s right, 10 Corso Cosmo isn’t just a place to shop, eat, or browse fantastic works in a vacuum — you can do all three in this fantastic space. First, there’s the store, which contains a mix of both fashion and lifestyle elements for you to browse. Shoes, shirts, dresses — you name it, they carry it, and in a few dozen brand names to boot. Then there’s the fine gallery space, which, as you may have already guessed, showcases art from around the world. Currently, they’ve got a Salvador Dali/Jean Clemmer photographic exhibition that will surely excite art lovers of all stripes. Finally, on the food front, the 10 Corso Cosmo brings the heat with their delicious Italian cuisine, and whether you’re coming in for brunch, lunch, dinner, or just dessert, you’ll be able to find something sumptuous on the menu to suit your palate.

While places like 10 Corso Cosmo might “have it all,” in a sense, there are plenty more fun spots to check out here at Seaport District. iPic Theaters, for instance, provides one of the best cinema-going experiences you’ll have in the city, complete with a bit of wining and dining, and if you’re after some food that’s not Italian, there are plenty more restaurants dotting the area that are fit for a variety of tastes: Cobble & Co., R17, and Lobster GoGo, just to name a few. Perhaps most exciting about Seaport District, though, are all the neighborhood events on the calendar.

There’s always something new and interesting being announced, and currently, the lineup includes two rather unique offerings. First is the Fulton Stall Market Winter CSA Farm Share. For 11 weeks (from January 10th to March 21st) you’ll be able to enjoy fresh local foods delivered directly from nine farmers and local producers. Just head on down during pickup times, grab your items, and savor those fresh ingredients in whatever new recipe you’ve got planned for the week. It’s a great way to start incorporating more local produce into your diet, and up your cooking game to the next level.

As for that second event, you’ll love this one if you enjoy the water. The South Street Seaport Museum is kicking off its Pioneer Sailing Season, where you can board the historic schooner and take part in a 3-hour long ecological tour of the New York waters. You’ll sail past Governors Island, all the way to the fishing grounds of Bay Ridge, and spy many an interesting sight along your path. If you aren’t already familiar with the Pioneer, you should read up on the backstory of this legendary vessel, and prepare yourself for a time on the water like no other.

As you can see, the Seaport District holds many wonders, and you’d do well to plan a trip here soon so you can experience all the magic for yourself.

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