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Fine Dining on the Upper East

 Upper East Side apartments

For those living in the luxury Upper East Side apartments in NYC, when the time it comes to eat you'll want to find a restaurant with the same finesse as your home. Lucky for you, the area is a filled with some of the top fine dining locations in the country. The next time you find yourself getting hungry, head over to one of these establishments for a classy atmosphere, and quality food.


With a sleek, modern design, Daniel offers its patrons both high class atmosphere and highly distinguished, artisan dishes. The head chef prepared delicacies such as the Nantucket Bay Scallop Ceviche and Golden Quince, as well as succulent beef and seafood delights. Handcrafted cocktails are masterfully prepared behind their decadent bar, while expertly trained staffed provide table service to all guests. The decadence of the dining hall is perfect for dinner, and serving sizes are healthy yet filling, but save room for dessert. A recommendation: try the warm guanaja chocolate coulant.

Cafe Boulud

Zucchini risotto, pesto fettuccine, skate wing grenobloise, and pan seared hangar steak all pair well with the spectacular wine selection at Cafe Boulud. Specialty meats and seafood are prepared and delivered with perfect execution from the head chef. Each dish is truly a work of art. While the main courses are delightful, it is the desert that you will want to stay for. Manjari Mousse, Poached Blueberries, Chocolate Ganache Cake, and Carmel Gateaux are just a few examples of the wonders that come from this kitchen. Step inside, and indulge your tastes.


Taste the finest of Italy the way it was meant to be, freshly prepared in house. Fillet mignon, scallops, and chicken are all served with savory sauces in a way you won't soon forget. Traditional favorites such as gnocchi with pesto, wild mushroom ravioli, and fettuccine in vodka sauce can be found at Campagnola, as well as richly crafted desserts. Start the meal off with fresh fried calamari or zucchini, try the traditional spaghetti or any of their exquisite dishes, and wash it all down with the finest wines available. Who knows, you may even run into the owner, Frank, as he comes around to make sure each dish has lived up to your expectations.


French by nature, elegant by design. Vaulcluse has perhaps one of the ritziest dining areas in town, and a selection of food to match. Choose from their extensive wine selection, and prepare to have your taste buds dazzled. Dishes such as Epaulettes, Lobster and Truffle Puree, Veal Tenderloin, and Salade Iyonnaise are sure to please, while desserts so good you'll swear you're in heaven conclude the meal. No expense has been spared by these chefs to create the freshest of meals presented to you in their illustrious style. Be adventurous with their Fillet de Poisson Bleu, or try their elegant take on the American classic of a burger and fries. Either way, you're going to fall in love with this slice of Paris.

Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar

While it might not be for everyone, if you enjoy a good plate of sushi then you have to try the delicacies that come from the master sushi chefs at Tanoshi. Every cut is made with expert precision, each roll a combination of innovation and artistic talent, and the mix of fresh flavors is sure to make this spot a top location on your list. More exotic seafood such as Uni, Manila Clam, and Firefly Squid can be found here, and each dish is made in traditional Japanese style. Exquisite and unique, Tanoshi is a must try restaurant on the list. Oh! It's also a BYOB location. Certainly an Upper East Side gem.

Avra Madison

With a blend of Mediterranean and Greek styled dishes, a beautiful modern interior, and flavorful cocktails, Avra Madison sets itself apart from other fine dining locations in the area. Lean and delicately prepared dishes will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Combining only the freshest seafood with luscious greens and herbs, you can enjoy uniquely flavored dishes and stunning desserts. If you happen to be less of a seafood fan, Greek fare does include absolutely wonderful lamb and steak meals as well. Chocolate and pie desserts bring it all together, but good luck saving room for them.

Cafe Carlyle

The atmosphere at this gorgeous location boasts the best in classic fine dining experiences with chandeliers, draped tables, and candlelight. Cafe Carlyle features live music, and has hosted legends such as Woody Allen and Chita Rivera. Their selection of wines is as fine as the french works of art that surround the stage, and their food is superb. They offer a variety of dishes from scallops to mushroom risotto and everything in-between. You can get a true feel for the city of New York in the style and architecture of this location, as well as the jazz acts and wine served chilled table side. Their cocktails are fantastic, and this is best place in Manhattan to order a Manhattan. If you've never been to The Big Apple before, this location holds true to the real vibe of the city. Even if you're just stopping in for a drink, this is one spot you'll want to check off the list.

Harmonie Club

Become a member to this exclusive club and you can be treated to some of the best food and events in town. Brunch buffets of only the finest quality foods, dinner entrees fitting for a king, and a great selection of wines and spirits are all catered to you inside this historic building with expertise dating back to 1852. To find out more, you'll just have to join.

Upper East Side Apartments NYC

The most exquisite fine dining and luxury living can all be had while staying in the Upper East Side apartments of NYC. The combination of style, class, and finesse combines with artistic, decadent dishes from the most illustrious of chefs. Nowhere else in the world can compare to the wonder that is New York City. The next time you find yourself in need of a good meal, head to any of these places for the best in fine dining experiences.