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NYC Restaurant Week 2019

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It’s that time of year that everyone in the New York apartments has been patiently anticipating for months now. NYC Restaurant Week, the original restaurant week, is back for another round, and you know what that means for food lovers around town:

“The general concept is that local restaurants partner with local tourist organizations or chambers of commerce to promote a week of lunch and dinner specials. Other partners may include local businesses, banks and food vendors. Restaurants offer reduced prices for a prix fixe menu, the idea being that what they lose in check averages they gain in sales volume.”

So, in short, restaurants all around the city are trying to lure you in with amazing bargains on great food to pump up their foot traffic. Why not give them what they want and prepare to head out for a delicious meal? We’ve got the scoop on everything you’ll need to know in advance, and by the time you’re done reading you’ll be ready to head out, explore the city, and find the food-bargain of the year at NYCRW 2019.

Preparing for NYC Restaurant Week

We’ve pulled from several sources to bring you all the most pertinent details surrounding NYC Restaurant Week 2019. First things first, the basics, from the NYC Official Guide. This Winter, Restaurant Week is running from January 21st through February 8th. This year, the menu prices are $26 for those two-course lunches, and $42 for those three-course dinners. If you’re looking to maximize your enjoyment as you head out for Restaurant Week, the about page also provides six helpful tips designed to aid you in your journey:

  1. Score a top table
  2. Check your calendar
  3. Know before you go
  4. Explore new cuisines
  5. Drink it all in
  6. Let Instagram be your guide

Let’s break that advice down, shall we? On the initial point, scoring a top table, the Official Guide offers two hints. The first is to try booking a lunchtime spot at your favorite restaurant, since many eateries get full around dinner, and it’s easier to find availability at these establishments in the middle of the day. Alternatively, you could go for a Sunday night meal, when restaurants are typically less busy and you’ll have a better shot at snagging that table you want.

Another availability tip the offer is going for reservations after those first five days of Restaurant Week. The opening five days are often the busiest, meaning you’ll be fighting against a bevy of hungry New Yorkers and tourists trying to score a table. Once those first five days pass, however, the clamor will have died down enough that you can probably get a good table with much less hassle.

To ensure you get a meal you know you’ll enjoy, the Official Guide recommends checking out the comprehensive list of NYC Restaurant Week menus well in advance so that you can track down the cuisine that’s most in line with your tastes (or discover something new you’d like to try out this time around), and they also encourage you to “expand your palate” by getting adventurous during Restaurant Week. New York City plays host to a global level of diversity, so it’d be a shame to pass that up and not sample at least one kind of food you’re unfamiliar with. Even if you discover it’s not your cup of tea, you’ll have plenty of time to book a table at a place you know you’ll love later on.

They recommend pairing whatever meal you decide to get with some of the specialty drinks on offer, as many of the participating restaurants are offering up loads of fun drinks along with their menus for just an additional $15 to $25. After all, what better to wash down all that sumptuous food than an equally delicious drink that will lift your spirits for a fabulous evening (or afternoon) out on the town?

Finally, the Official Guide strongly suggests following the NYC Restaurant Week hashtag on Instagram so that you can stay informed about trending restaurants and dishes, then make your own plans to head to the most happening establishments and check them out for yourself. The power of social media is strong; be sure to use it to your advantage throughout the Restaurant Week festivities.

Now, when it comes to narrowing down which restaurants you want to try, yes, you can scour the complete listing and take notes on what catches your eye, but if you’re looking for a quick lineup of some of New York’s Finest, we suggest taking a look at TripSavvy’s lists of past Restaurant Week frontrunners so you can have an idea of what’s most popular. Many of these establishments will be participating again, so these “best of” compilations are a great jumping off point and an excellent way to get a head start on identifying which establishments will be most worth your precious time.

And lastly, a lesser-known tip comes at us courtesy of TimeOut New York. This year, NYC Restaurant Week is teaming up with NYC Broadway Week to create a kind of super-bargain for you — NYC Winter Outing. In addition to the discount meals, you’ll have the chance to catch “a selection of Broadway shows, museums, attractions and tours” at “two-for-one prices,” meaning you’ll get to double your fun by pairing your fine meal with a lovely outing at many of New York’s famed cultural institutions. Don’t miss out; stay abreast of the details and make this a Restaurant Week for the ages.

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