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Restoring Central Park

aerial view of central park

Not far from the gorgeous Upper East Side apartments, you’ll find the crown jewel of Manhattan island: Central Park. For years, this has been one of the city’s most pristine and respected outdoor spaces, and now, it’s high time for some much needed renovations:

“New York City's Central Park is due to receive a significant restoration. The Central Park Conservancy, which manages the park, recently unveiled its plan to improve some of its layout and facilities, including the construction of a new green-roofed recreational building.”

And the plan has gotten a rather sizable budget of $150 million to put those proposed goals into action. Today, we’re going to be looking at what some of the specifics of the restoration plan are, and when city residents can hope to enjoy the fruits of that intense labor.

What Can You Do With $150 Million?

According to New Atlas, much of the $150 million will go towards “demolishing the Lasker Rink.” If you didn’t already know, this is the swimming pool/ice skating rink that’s situated in the northern section of the park, and is one of several other rinks located throughout the park. The demolition will necessitate the rink’s closure from about the year 2021 to 2024, but they’ll be making some big changes while everything is shut down.

For starters, they’ll be restoring the Loch that runs beneath Lasker Rink, restoring it to a more “natural state.” Following the renovation of the Loch, they’ll be adding a boardwalk and year-round facility for visitors as well. The new recreational building will have a rooftop area where guests can walk about at their leisure, and it’s all being done with environmental standards squarely in mind:

“Efficient plumbing will be used to minimize water usage, while building materials, such as stone, wood and glass, will be locally sourced. Low-reflectivity "bird safe" glass will be used for the generous glazing, in an attempt to minimize bird collisions.”

It’s all part of a longer-term plan, to help repair the troubled ecology around this section of the park and restore Mother Nature to a more harmonious state of existence. The Central Park Conservancy will be playing a central role in these repairs, and come 2024, we should all be able to enjoy a revitalized section of Central Park that’s truly futuristic in the way it manages its resources and respects the natural world.

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