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Spend a Day in Yorkville

bird's eye view of city

Manhattan is known far and wide for its many interesting neighborhoods, and few can compare to the majesty of eastside hotspots like Yorkville. Just a few blocks north of the luxury apartments on the NYC Upper East Side, you can enter a world where rich history and diverse opportunities are embedded in the very fabric of the area. How might you spend a day in this urban paradise? That’s what we’ll be exploring today, as we take a look at some of the cool things you can do while hanging out in Yorkville.

Exploring Yorkville

Ask most New Yorkers, and they’ll tell you that what we call Yorkville is a section of the Upper East Side that extends from East 79th Street to the south, East 96th Street in the North, and Third Avenue in the West. The eastern boundary is, of course, the East River, and on the whole, the neighborhood is one with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Luxury and affluence are things you’ll spot often in Yorkville, underpinned by the area’s unique history — one that’s intertwined with the birth of America itself. Yorkville has also been deeply shaped by its immigrant communities, which have included those of German, Czech, Slovak, Irish, Polish, German, Hungarian, and Lebanese descent.

Things to Do in the Neighborhood

While wandering the streets of Yorkville, you’ll find that there’s plenty to do and see around the neighborhood, like checking out the famed Gracie Mansion. This property, located in Charles Shurz Park, has been the official Mayor’s residence since 1942. With an advance registration, you’re free to tour the property on Tuesdays, and learn a bit more about New York City’s glorious history.

A tour of this area wouldn’t be complete without a look at the East River, and, as we mentioned earlier, you need only head east in the neighborhood to walk its shores and check out the views of Roosevelt Island and Queens. The East River Esplanade is a great choice if you’re looking to take a peaceful stroll.

Even if you don’t take the subway to get to Yorkville, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking out the Second Avenue subway line. The station is filled with interesting artwork, and for many, makes for a fine tourist destination all its own

Finally, you’ve got a whole host of shops, stores, and restaurants to check out within Yorkville. Buy some antiques, enjoy a fine meal — it’s all in a day’s work while touring this legendary New York neighborhood.

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