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Summer Trips From Manhattan

Renoir House Apartments

Manhattan is a bastion of culture, fashion, shopping, and sublime city living. When it comes to getting away for a summer jaunt, though, you'll have to look outside the city limits to find a place that truly exemplifies the meaning of having "fun in the sun." Thankfully, there are plenty of suitable locations that are well within striking distance, and if you're starting you're journey at the Renoir House Apartments on the Upper East Side, you're in a prime location to venture out, have some fun, then retreat back into the lap of luxury.

Time For A Road Trip

Whether you fancy a summer shopping trip, a voyage to the beach, or an excursion to a secluded winery, there's plenty to do and see in the area. Manhattan puts you in a great position to head out to Long Island (oft considered one of the most beautiful stretches of land in New York), up the coast to Massachusetts or Rhode Island, or down south to Washington DC or other great places in the Mid-Atlantic. Ready to have a summer adventure? Here are just a few of the fabulous spots you should consider heading to.

East, To Long Island

Long Island has a reputation for its pristine scenery and some of the best beaches around. First, though, you might be tempted to check out one of the many wineries that dot this lovely landscape. You'll be able to enjoy a drink in a place other than a crowded bar, pick up a few bottles to take with you back to your domicile, and won't even need to select a designated driver.

Places like the Lenz Winery, located about 94 miles away, near the Peconic Bay. This location, founded in 1978, is home to almost 70 acres of the most mature grape varieties in the area. They have an extensive selection of whites, reds, roses, and dessert wines, all available for you to try out for yourself. Wine, as they see it, is social, so they also host regular events, bringing wine enthusiasts together in their shared passion and letting them sample their impressive offerings along with feasts made to enhance the experience.

Alternatively, you could check out the Bedell Cellars. Also about 94 miles from Manhattan, this winery specializes in the small batch, locally sourced product that wine fans crave, and serves up everything from hand crafted reds to "elegantly balanced" whites. They take pride in the superior taste of their wine, and you'll likely find yourself impressed by how great everything they have to offer is.

If you're not a fan of the winery scene, though, there's still plenty more to do while you're out on Long Island. You could, for instance, head to one of the fine museums they have in the area. The Parrish Art Museum and Nassau County Museum Of Art, just to name a few. These scenic spots, perfectly preserved, will take you on a trip back through popular 19th and 20th Century styles. A must for any true fan of photography and Impressionist style painting.

Rounding out your Long Island excursion, be sure to head to Montauk to try out one of the many amazing restaurants located in the area. The options run the gamut from small and casual to grandiose and extravagant, so whatever you're craving, you'll likely find it here—done with the style and flair that only Montauk knows how.

North, To Rhode Island

Rhode Island has long been known for its fabulous stretches of beach and deep connection to the water. Head north for about 175 miles, and you'll end up in Newport, right there on the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you can stay in one of the elegant downtown hotels or beachfront inns, and participate in a variety of relaxing summertime activities. Try your hand at some boarding or boating, or, if you're not particularly keen on the water, hike Cliff Walk and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Watch Hill is another popular Rhode Island destination, also on the water. This peninsula provides a range of overlooks from which you can view the majesty of the ocean. You can marvel at the grand Victorian era houses, and even spend a night in one of the historic resorts. There's nature to explore, beaches to relax upon, and plenty of fun in the sun to be had here.

South, To Washington DC

The Nation's Capital needs little introduction. During the summer months, the city booms with visitors looking to explore the many sights and tourist attractions. Exhibits that you might have to pay for back in New York are, by and large, free of charge here. Check out the Air & Space Museum, the National Gallery, the National History museum, and walk the National Mall and take in that DC atmosphere. If you don't mind spending a few dollars to immerse yourself in culture, make sure to take a trip to the African American History Museum or the much fabled Newseum while you're there.

If you want to get outside the city for a while, the surrounding areas provide a wealth of nature to explore. You can head to popular hiking spots in Virginia like Scott's Run and Great Falls, glimpsing a view of the mighty Potomac River. You might even head into Maryland, where locations like the Patuxent Research Refuge provide an excellent vantage point to view all manner of wildlife in their natural state.

All Is Possible From The Renoir House Apartments On The Upper East Side

When you're done with your voyage, you can come back to New York and catch up on some rest once you retire to the luxury dwellings of Renoir House. Right in the middle of all the action the Upper East Side has to offer, you'll not want for much while you're living here. Set up shop in one of the pristine residences, and avail yourself of the building's convenient amenities for a taste of the top-tier in Manhattan rental life. See for yourself why this is considered the standard for true comfort in New York.